Additional webinars

ISAAC has developed a significant capacity to host informative and well-attended webinars. Beginning in January 2021, the majority of archived webinars were moved to a new location in the Members Only area section of our website.  A number of webinars will continue to be publicly available.

What this change means is that now only members will be able to access the majority of our archived webinar recordings. Registration for the majority of upcoming new webinars will be available from within the Members Only area, and a valid ISAAC member ID number will need to be entered at time of registration.

It is our hope that many of the people who have benefited from attending or viewing our webinars will become members of ISAAC in order to continue to enjoy this significant membership benefit. 

Here is a list of archived webinars, to which ISAAC members have have unlimited access:

Communication Supports in Exercising Capacity and Autonomy – Feb 2021 

Personalized Instruction and Communication in a Flash – Jan 2021

Pathways to Leadership: Seminar 3 – Nov 2020

Beyond Knowing Where to Find Messages on High Tech Augmentative and Alternative Systems – Nov 2020

Stories of Practice and Support During COVID – Oct 2020

Pathways to Leadership, Seminar 2 – Oct 2020

A Discussion of Empowering Autonomy and Self in Individuals with AAC Needs – Oct 2020

Pathways to Leadership, Seminar 1 – Sept 2020

Wheelchair To Walker – Sept 2020

Summertime and the AAC Learning is EASY – July 2020

Principios y fundamentos de las buenas prácticas de Comunicación Aumentativa y Alternativa – julio de 2020

Aided language Input, Attributing Meaning, Core Vocabulary and Pre-symbolic Communicators – May 2020

Patient-Provider Communication in the Time of COVID-19 – April 2020

Learn AAC: AAC Resources in 4 Languages – April 2020

My Story of How Getting a Speech Device Changed My Life – Oct 2019

Apoyo al lenguaje narrativo para usuarios de sistemas aumentativos y alternativos de comunicación – Sept 2019

AAC and Disasters: Are You Ready? – Sept 2019

Outline 2019 Changes, NY Medicaid SGD Guidelines – July 2019

ISAAC Online Journal Club #2: Out of Time – June 2019

Global Systems – June 2019

An Evening of AAC: ISAAC Online Journal Club – May 2019

Mental Health and Students with Complex Communication Needs – May 2019

Introduction to Non-Invasive Brain-Computer Interface Techniques for AAC – April 2019

Transitioning Students Using AAC – Nov 2018

Empowering Communication Partners – Oct 2018

Application of Systematic Instruction Principles for Training in Adults – Sept 2018

AAC in Acute Care – May 2018

Ingredients to Successful Modeling – March 2018

Medicaid SGD Funding Update – Feb 2018

Web-based Supports for Pre-Service and In-Service Education in AAC – Oct 2017

AAC 101 for First Responders – Sept 2017

Cortical Visual Impairment – June 2017

When Getting Started is Tough, How the Tough Get Going – April 2017

1er seminario del grupo de ISAAC hispanófono – febrero 2017

How to Overcome Barriers to SGD Funding – Feb 2017

AAC Family Voices – Oct 2016

Supporting Effective Patient Provider Communication among Vulnerable Children and Adults across Medical Settings and Situations – June 2016

Communication Access in the United States – April 2016

New Medicare SGD Funding Policy and Guidelines for 2016 – March 2016

Selecting AAC Apps for Children with ASD – Oct 2016

USSAAC Membership I, II, III – 2015

Social Media and People with Disabilities – Oct 2013

Exhibitor Focus Groups, ISAAC 2014 – 2013

Augmentative Communication Apps – Nov 2012