A Discussion of Empowering Autonomy and Self in Individuals with AAC Needs

October 14, 2020


Presenter:  Stephanie Faso

Moderator:  Betsy Caporale

USSAAC Education Committee: Betsy Caporale, Gretchen Cole-Lade, Richard Hurtig, Mary Anne Lang, Stephanie Meehan

Stephanie Faso specializes in the cultural communication of people with significant mobility and communicative differences and their autonomy, independence, and sense of self.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with honors and is earning her Master’s Degree in Communication Studies, both at San Jose State.  She hones in on the relationships between the AAC communicators and their support systems.  As a full-time and lifelong augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) communicator, Stephanie periodically presents about her insights and experiences with AAC in graduate seminars and also presents on the national level.  Her presentations can be found on YouTube.  Also, she helps children, teenagers, and young adults with their communication devices and instructs courses on ableism.

SEMINAR DESCRIPTION:  This seminar will explore the various cultural attitudes toward people with AAC needs, and how clinicians, especially AAC specialists, can empower those individuals in relation with their autonomy, independence, and sense of self.  The speaker’s life experiences will be integrated throughout this discussion of how ableism shapes and reshapes the cultural perception of those with AAC needs.

PARTICIPANTS WILL LEARN:  The communication perspective and experience of a person who communicates through AAC:

  • The significance of being mindful of the cultural attitudes toward people with AAC needs
  • Various methods of empowering individuals with AAC needs to have autonomy, independence, and a healthy sense of self


Part of the USSAAC Webinar Series


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