Cortical Visual Impairment

Cortical Visual Impairment: The Everyday Impact on People who use AAC – June 6, 2017

Part of the USSAAC Webinar Series

Presenter:  Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy, Ph.D.

Facilitator:  Sarah Blackstone, PhD, CCC-SLP

USSAAC Education Committee:  Sarah Blackstone, Betsy Caporale, Gretchen Cole-Lade, Amy Goldman, Amanda Hettenhausen, Mike Hipple, Richard Hurtig, Stephanie Meehan, Wendy Quach,  and Lisa Timm


Seminar Highlights:  This webinar focuses on people in the AAC community who are at risk for cortical visual impairment (CVI). CVI is the largest cause of visual impairment in children. Because vision plays a key role in the development of language and communication, and because AAC approaches depend so heavily on vision, family members and AAC providers need to know about CVI. This webinar will increase awareness and provide strategies for assessing and planning interventions for individuals with CVI.

Speaker Bio:  Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy, Ph.D. is a world leader in furthering understanding, assessment, and intervention strategies for individuals with Cortical Vision Impairment (CVI). She created the widely used CVI Range – a functional vision assessment tool. Dr. Roman-Lantzy lectures internationally regarding CVI educational materials and strategies. She remains clinically active, working closely with children with CVI and their families. She has degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education/Visual Impairment, with a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. Her research has demonstrated that the caregivers of infants are able to reliably report the presence or absence of characteristics of CVI.  Dr. Roman-Lantzy is Director of the Pediatric VIEW Program at The Western Pennsylvania Hospital, Pittsburgh PA. She recently revised her book, Cortical Visual Impairment: An Approach to Assessment and Intervention, and is testing a screening instrument that identifies infants with CVI. She also works closely with AAC teams, helping family members and clinicians develop visual skills while building language, fostering communication, learning, and participation.


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