Dare to Dream: An Introduction to ISAAC’s Pre-Conference Workshop

Dare To Dream: Turning your Dreams into Future Realities

September 15, 2020



  • Diane Nelson Bryen, Professor Emerita, Temple University
  • Jane Odom, Director of Implementation Resources, Prentke Romich/Satillo Company

Moderator: Gabriela Berlanga

Webinar Description: This webinar will introduce you to Dare to Dream: Turning Dreams into Future Realities. Dare to Dream will be presented bilingually (English and Spanish) as an ISAAC pre-conference workshop in Cancun in 2021. Hopefully this will entice you to come as a team (dreamer with disability who uses AAC and support person or ally).

Dare to Dream starts with a dream, which is developed through a guided process and shared with the group. Dare to Dream does not end with sharing the dream with others. An action plan for turning the dream into a future reality follows.

Working with their support person, each participant then develops dream-driven objectives that can lead to their dream. Objectives must be both positive (leading to or a piece of the larger dream) and possible (can be accomplished in no later than one year). Through interaction, each dreamer’s objective is finalized based on being both positive and possible, including (1) resources needed, (2) important places to go to, and (3) people needed to help them accomplish the objective.

Working with their support person, each dreamer commits to implementing the first steps to be taken when they return home. This includes enlisting a coach and identifying how they will “meet” with the coach monthly either face-to-face or online for up to one year.

During the Webinar, short vignettes of dreams will be presented as well as preliminary outcome findings for both the dreamer and the support person.
Come to Cancun in 2021 as a team and experience the Dare to Dream process.

Webinar Objectives:

Participants will,
A. be able to articulate why dreams are important for all people, including those with disabilities who use AAC.
B. describe how a clear dream can be developed that can be graphically illustrated and shared with others.
C. describe how dreams can be turned into an action plan that includes positive and possible objectives and the needed resources, places to visit, and people to provide needed supports.
D. identify first steps to be taken to begin to turn dreams into future realities and enlist a coach who (a) believes in their dream and (b) commits to supporting them in turning their dream into a reality.
E. discuss why follow-up is critical and how follow-up can be provided either face-to-face or via social media (e.g. Facebook Group, Go2Meeting) to support the implementation of participants’ dream-centered plans.


Please note: ASHA CEUs are not available for this webinar.