AAC Journal Club:  Telepractice

Thursday, April 2, 2020 – 2 p.m. ET

**This webinar was organized in conjunction with Prentke Romich Deutschland. Further information from Paul Andres –



Presenters: Nerissa Hall and Hillary Jellison – co-owners of Communicare, LLC

Seminar Description:  Tele-AAC is a model of service delivery designed specifically to support individuals using AAC, and their teams. This subset of Telepractice emphasizes sharing and receiving information visually to help address important elements of the field, such as AAC modeling and environmental engineering.

Nerissa Hall and Hillary Jellison, co-owners of Communicare, LLC, are both speech language pathologists and assistive technology practitioners based in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut. They have worked together for a number of years and have built their practice around empowering individuals to be as independent as possible. This first started with a particular focus on AAC, but has grown to include accessibility in the broader sense, to incorporate AT access, particularly in school environments.

Seminar Objectives:  Most of what drives this team is devising ways to not only support individuals themselves, but their teams and communities at large. Tele-AAC plays a huge role in helping clinicians connect with individuals and their teams in effective ways. As so many clinicians are currently having to improvise, Nerissa and Hillary also looked at ways to provide online support with less than perfect resources.