ISAAC Online Journal Club #2

ISAAC ONLINE JOURNAL CLUB – Out of Time: The Experience of Speech-Generating Device Users by Kathy L. Howery – June 25, 2019 



After the positive feedback from our first ISAAC Online Journal Club, we decided to repeat the experiment.

We selected an article by Kathy Howery called, “Out of Time: The Experience of Speech-Generating Device Users,” from the Communication Disorders Quarterly. Kristine Stadskleiv from Norway kindly offered to present the contents and to start the discussion.

This article presents a phenomenological investigation into speech-generating device (SGD) use in the school context. Derived from a larger study on the experience of speaking through a SGD, this article focuses particularly on the experience of time and timing of speaking for one who must use a SGD to give audible voice to their words. Themes explored include the challenge of time, the untimely rate of speech, which can be silencing, planning to talk tomorrow, and finally text time and how this time may lift the burden of time from SGD users.

Our goal with the ISAAC Online Journal Club is to create a relatively informal forum for a discussion of issues around AAC available wherever we are. At the first session there were live participants from California to Russia, and from Norway to South Africa.

The format remained the same. In the one-hour GoToWebinar session, Kristine presented the contents of the article and participants had 30 to 40 minutes for discussion. Contributions were via audio or chat.

Following feedback from the first session, a short glossary of any terms that may need additional explanation for non-native speakers was available.

Please pass on this information to others within the AAC community in your region.

Martine Smith and Paul Andres


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