My Story of How Getting a Speech Device Changed My Life

Part of the USSAAC Webinar Series
Presenter:  Todd Hutchinson
Moderator:  Stephanie Meehan, PhD, CCC-SLP

Todd Hutchinson is an expert AAC user who guest lectures regularly at universities and has helped researchers better the field of AAC. Todd has cerebral palsy but has never let his disability stop him from achieving his lifelong goals. He relies on his SGD, air spelling, texting, email, and social media to communicate with the world. He has fought barriers his entire life and continues to win! Todd inspires anyone that is lucky to meet him.

Growing up in the 1980s was challenging as child with cerebral palsy. I was smart, but I couldn’t talk, so nobody heard me. This is a story about how I learned how to communicate, first with symbols then with a speech device and how it changed my life.

Seminar Objectives: Participants will learn: 1. How the use of multiple modalities to communicate is necessary for individuals with complex communication needs (CCN) to be able to express themselves in all environments. 2. How the use of a speech generating device compared to a symbol book can significantly improve spontaneous and novel communication.

ASHA Disclosures:  The speaker has no financial or non-financial conflicts related to this presentation.


My Story: How Getting a Speech Device Changed my Life (PowerPoint, PDF, 4 MB)


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