Outline 2019 Changes, NY Medicaid SGD Guidelines


Outline of 2019 Changes to New York Medicaid SGD Guidelines – Wednesday, July 24, 2019 

Part of the USSAAC Webinar Series

Presenter:  Lewis Golinker, Advocacy Director, USSAAC
Moderator:  Amy Goldman


Please note:

  • The webinar begins at 0:50 in the recording.
  • There is a pause in the webinar to correct an audio issue, beginning at 05:00 and ending at 15:10.


On August 1, 2019, NY Medicaid will begin use of revised SGD guidelines. This seminar reviews the changes to the required SLP evaluation, trial and report to allow the transition to the new guidelines be as smooth as possible.

Seminar Objectives:  Participants will learn the basis for the changed guidelines; changes to the SGD coverage criteria; new eye gaze coverage criteria; changes to the evaluation, trial and reporting requirements; and how respond to the new requirements.

ASHA Discosures: The speaker has no financial or non-financial conflicts related to this presentation.




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