SGD Policy 2016

New Medicare SGD Funding Policy and Guidelines for 2016:What’s Covered; What’s Not; Where Do We Go From Here? – March 10, 2016

Part of the USSAAC Webinar Series

Presenter: Lewis Golinker, Esq., AAC Advocate

Facilitator: Amy Goldman, Speech-Language Pathologist

USSAAC Committee: Wendy Quach (Chair), Sarah Blackstone, Lisa Timm, Lateef McLeod, Amanda Hettenhausen

Abstract: In the second half of 2015, Medicare “re-set” its SGD coverage policy and issued three new guidelines. In addition, changes to the Medicare Act based on the Steve Gleason Act became effective. This webinar reviewed all that has been done and explain the current scope of Medicare SGD coverage.

Learning Objectives: Participants learned about the outcome of the Medicare SGD coverage “reconsideration,” whether the changes to SGD coverage stated in the 2014 “Coverage Reminder” have been incorporated into current Medicare SGD policy; and how the Gleason Act affects Medicare SGD coverage.

Participants will learn about:

  • 3 Medicare guidelines that now govern SGD coverage
  • what types of SGDs Medicare will cover and those Medicare will not cover
  • what SGD capabilities and features Medicare will cover and those Medicare will not cover
  • what SGD accessories Medicare will cover and those Medicare will not cover
  • the procedure Medicare identified in its guidelines for Medicare beneficiaries to access non-covered capabilities and features
  • changes to Medicare payment policy 


Note: Administrative fees for ASHA CEUs are included in your USSAAC membership. Future seminars will offer ASHA CEUs to non-USSAAC/ISAAC members for a fee.


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