SLP Roles in SGD Advocacy

May 4, 2021 

Presenter:  Lewis Golinker, Esq

Moderator:  Stephanie Meehan

SGD access and benefit have been and continue to be linked directly to third party funding.  This session reviews the essential roles SLPs have filled and the advocacy they have pursued for more than four decades to establish, protect, and expand SGD funding support. Case studies identify how SLP advocacy has supported achievement of specific funding objectives.  Examples also identify SLP errors that impede or threaten progress. 

Webinar Objectives:  

  • to define how SGD advocacy is a professional duty, tied directly to the ASHA code of ethics.
  • to be able to describe the numerous advocacy roles that SLPs fill in direct and indirect support of SGD access, use and benefit, including client representation; serving as expert witnesses; providing second opinions; pursuing research; developing position and policy papers; and participating in professional organizations.
  • to understand how SLP membership and participation in professional organizations is of great value to ensure that policy-based barriers affecting SGD access, use and benefit will be withdrawn.
  • to be able to list SLP actions that appear to overlook SGD advocacy and which are potentially harmful to SGD access, use and benefit.

Presenter Disclosures:
Lewis Golinker has no professional or financial conflicts of interest related to the subject matter of this presentation.