“Show Me YOUR AAC Sensitivity” and “I’ll Show You My Voice” – Communication in Health Care Settings

Topic 2: “Show Me YOUR AAC Sensitivity” and “I’ll Show You My Voice” – Communication in Health Care Settings


Moderator: Betty-Jean Dee Price, ISAAC Australia’s representative to the International ISAAC Council



Sharon Carthew, parent of a young teen with complex disability

Carolyn Harris, medical doctor and parent of a young person with disabilities

Liam Goldfinch, President of Boccia SA and person with disabilities

Max Price, high school student and person with disabilities

Jemma Anderson, medical & research doctor, Lead of Adolescent Transition from Paed. to Adult Health

Sheridan Forster, researcher, speech pathologist and expert in communication – adults with profound intellectual disability/multiple/complex disability

Kate Turpin, clinical advisor, adolescent care, Commission for Excellence and Innovation in Health

Kevin Williams, ISAAC Vice President and Chair for LEAD People Who Use AAC Committee, US



You are a 14-year-old girl. You rock autism and cerebral palsy. You’re sitting in the waiting room of an Ear Nose and Throat specialist (ENT). Your Mum (or support worker) has the usual clip board on her lap – filling out your intake form – she’s just circled the choices “Non-Verbal” “Severe”. You are about to meet with the doctor to discuss the option of salivary duct ligation (cutting your salivary ducts) to stop the pooling of secretions in the back of your throat. SHOW YOUR VOICE! – This scenario will help kick-off a discussion about communicating in health settings.

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