AAC Awareness

Welcome to our global AAC community! ISAAC celebrates AAC Awareness Month every year during October. Our 2020 theme is Bridging the Silence through Solidarity.

We invite you to plan or attend an AAC awareness event in your community, or participate in online events. 

Thank you for using the hashtag #AACaware20 on Twitter and Facebook!

Let us know about your activities during AAC Awareness Month by sending an email to AACaware20(at)isaac-online.org

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International AAC Awareness Month is celebrated around the world each October. The goal is to raise awareness of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and to inform the public about the many different ways in which people communicate using communication devices.

International AAC Awareness Month was established by ISAAC’s LEAD Project Committee in October 2007. Thirteen countries participated in the first Awareness Month, and events have been increasing in number and scope ever since.


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