AAC Support for Israel



October 11, 2023 – “This past weekend’s terrorist attack in southern Israel, with its tremendous loss of life and outbreak of war will touch many directly who have connections, friends and family in the region, and most directly, our members in ISAAC-Israel.

In particular, we are all deeply concerned about the welfare of every single person who needs or uses AAC as well as their personal/professional support networks, who are particularly vulnerable during times of violence or emergency.” – Tracy Shepherd, ISAAC International President 2022 – 2023

Please read the full statement here.


Resources to support people who use AAC

As an organization, we are calling upon all of our members and friends around the world to share resources. If you have communication resources that could assist people who use AAC and their personal/professional networks, please send those resources to ISAAC International and/or ISAAC-Israel.

The AAC community in Israel has created and shared materials to help people with complex communication needs to better understand and cope with war and emergency situations, as well as share their thoughts and feelings. These include communication displays, social stories, short videos with simplified language, and more.

ISAAC-Israel will upload any resources provided to this link: https://did.li/ISAAC-4SOS



Arabic Standard Covid 19 Communication Chart

Patient-Provider Communication Network communication board resources

Patient-Provider Communication Network bilingual communication board resources