Cam On Wheels Project

ISAAC Cam on Wheels News Crew:

Film as a Tool for Communication Beyond Borders


ISAAC Cam on Wheels News Crew will consist of an international group of reporters, camera crew, interviewers, and film editors, from different countries. The crew members will report monthly from their home country about ISAAC-AAC activities.


Our goal is to recruit people from different places around the world who use AAC to be a part of an international ISAAC news crew. Participants could then stay in contact with each other and share ISAAC visual stories from their hometowns. 


A combination of digital self-created film and AAC technology can give new ways of communication, transcending the borders between countries and languages. The project objectives are as follows: 

  • Spread the word about the ISAAC Cam on Wheels News Crew project and vlogger-channel (YouTube), by delivering multiple webinars and workshops.  
  • Recruit and support people who use AAC to be a part of the ISAAC News Crew. The crew will receive training on how to use film and AAC technologies together in an effective way. 
  • Schedule monthly online meetings where international AAC filmmakers will connect and share their thoughts on recent projects.
  • Meet and showcase their productions to an audience at various ISAAC virtual and in person events.
  • Using the showcases to motivate other people who use AAC to become part of the crew. A workshop in Film & AAC technologies will accompany the showcases to give new recruits more information. 
  • Film and document ISAAC event from the perspective of PWUAAC. 
  • Make a documentary with the goal of showcasing how film media and AAC technologies can offer new and engaging possibilities for (international) communication and storytelling. 

Webinars & Workshops

The ISAAC Cam on Wheels webinars and workshops are hosted by ISAAC, and presented by Jelle van Kleef, Chris Norrie and Mascha Legel.


The webinars are open to anyone that registers for them. During interactive webinars the advantages of film as a practical AAC tool for storytelling are explored. As well as some theoretical content, there will be an opportunity to learn about filming, editing and interviewing techniques with AAC.

Learning outcomes for webinars:

  • Film and AAC technology, in private, educational and professional settings for conversational narratives,
  • Using self-created film in personal and professional storytelling
  • Merging AAC and Audio-visual technology to make films,
  • How to make personal films (documentaries, vlogs, etc.) for the ISAAC Connect Short-Film Festival,
  • How to  become a part of the ISAAC-Cam on Wheels News Reporter.
  • Seeing examples of AAC Technology Documentaries and Vlogs.


The workshops are limited to 25 people at the start of the project, and they are intended for the PWUAAC with the skills to learn and operate their AAC System independently.  These film and editing AAC workshops are the starting point of the ISAAC / Cam on Wheels News Crew. The News Crew will make video reports of international AAC initiatives, methods, projects for the ISAAC / Cam on Wheels YouTube channel.

If there’s interest, separate webinars and workshops for children who use AAC (and their parents/caretakers) can be provided. Please contact us if you are interested in the children’s webinars and workshops.

Following a workshop, a PWUAAC can apply to be a part of the ISAAC Cam on Wheels News Crew. 

Learning outcomes for workshops:

  • Starting point of the ISAAC / Cam on Wheels reports team,
  • Practical knowledge in film, editing and AAC,
  • Practical Film as Observational Communication,
  • Practical Film & Editing & AAC technology,
  • Film as a tool for communication beyond borders AAC and Audio-visual film productions, ISAAC / Cam on Wheels International crew

October 28, 2021 8-9 PM SGT, Filmmaking Workshop: Telling My Story, Assistive Technology and Filmmaking, a project of ISAAC-Singapore

August 9-12, 2021, ISAAC Connect Short Film Festival. More information here: 


The ISAAC / Cam on Wheels project aims to be a collaboration between AAC user filmmakers and local peer filmmakers (Mexico, South Africa, Europe). Cam on Wheels has contacts in different countries but is still seeking new collaboration partners.

Costs & Funding

There will be no charge to run the project. Only a film production such as reporting on the ISAAC conference would bring costs with it.

Ideally, we could find funding or sponsorship – for example, for equipment and local Cam on Wheels training needs. This is not something we depend upon now. The Dutch film crew look forward to helping out and working with this unique news channel.

ISAAC Cam on Wheels Committee

Content and technical support is provided by the Cam on Wheels crew in Rotterdam, Netherlands, under the supervision of Jelle van Kleef, Chris Norrie, and Mascha Legel. Cam on Wheels will also manage the ISAAC / Cam on Wheels (YouTube) Channel. 

Cam on Wheels will lead/assist the ISAAC / Cam on Wheels News Crew, in close collaboration with the Chair of ISAAC LEAD Committee and trusted advisors. To read the leaders’ bios, please visit this page.