Accessible Committee Meetings


Committee Meetings

People who use AAC often report that they do not have the opportunity or supports they need to communicate at meetings, such as committee meetings, panels, and round table discussions.

The following guidelines were developed by NAACA to promote accessibility at committee meetings.


Chair Person

The moderator or chair person of a meeting can facilitate accessibility by reminding people to make the session accessible to all by:

  • Finding out if the person who uses AAC requires any communication supports.
  • Ensuring the person has a support person, if they require one.
  • Reminding the support person that their role is to facilitate the AAC user’s participation and to refrain from contributing their own opinions unless specifically asked by the chairperson.
  • Discussing a procedure with the AAC user about what they want to do if a message is not understood by the group.
  • Providing the agenda ahead of time.
  • Showing and reading the accessibility statement at the beginning of meeting.
  • Ensuring that all participants, especially those who use AAC, are provided with sufficient time and opportunity to participate using their preferred communication method.
  • Remind participants to refrain from talking or relaying messages when someone else is communicating.


AAC User

A person using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) can facilitate their communication at a meeting by:

  • Informing the host of the meeting about any accessibility requirements they may need.
  • Deciding how they want to communicate during the meeting such as using a communication device, speaking, having someone read their prepared messages and/or their communication board.
  • Telling the chair person to let them know if their message is not understood.
  • If appropriate, preparing messages ahead of time in their device or printed.
  • Checking that their device is working, as well as the clarity of prepared messages and volume of their device, before the meeting.
  • If using a support person, ensuring this person knows how they communicate.

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Participants can facilitate inclusive meetings by:

  • Providing sufficient time for everyone to convey their message.
  • Being respectful by not talking or doing other things when an AAC user is generating their messages.