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The following resources have been developed by NAACA members to promote communication access.




NAACA Communication Access Video (Spanish subtitles)



NAACA Communication Access Video (English subtitles)



ISAAC Connect Communication Access Video



Communication Disabilities Access Canada video


For more information about the symbol and how it is used:

More resources on communication access at Communication Disabilities Access Canada (CDAC):



This brochure has been adapted by NAACA based on a brochure by Communication Disabilities Access Canada.

Download the brochure in English

Download the brochure in Spanish

Download the brochure in Croatian

Download the brochure in Portuguese

Download the brochure in French


infographic show communication accessibility during meetings

Communication Access Symbol

There are a number of communication access symbols available. NAACA uses the symbol developed by Communication Disabilities Access Canada.


Download the Conference Cancún symbol

We encourage businesses and organizations in the area around the conference/event to show the communication access symbol in their window or on their service counters. The symbol means that they welcome people who use AAC. For information about the symbol visit the Communications Disabilities Access Canada at:


Communication Card

Some AAC participants may want to tell new people they meet about how they communicate. AAC participants  may choose to program this information into their device or show a communication card to the person.


Download the Communication Card


Slide to be read aloud by moderator/chair person prior to presentations and meetings


Slide guidellines for presenters