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“Not Another Peep Out of You” is Harriet McBryde Johnson’s compelling account of being rushed to a hospital emergency room with severe abdominal pain. Harriet had a neuromuscular disease that meant she had to be lifted in a certain way in order to protect her fragile joints and spine. She was immediately intubated in preparation for emergency […]


This week ISAAC and AAIDD co-hosted a webinar on Social Media and People with Disabilities. Lisa Lehmann @littlebigwitch delivered a PowerPoint presentation with commentary, using her iPad and the communication app Proloquo2Go. The GoToWebinar platform enabled Lisa to address 60 international participants from the comfort of her home in Queensland, Australia, while staff from ISAAC in Toronto […]


Welcome to ISAAC’s Blog, a brand-new addition to our website. With the launch of this blog we are adding another dimension to the way ISAAC communicates with the world. As with every initiative at ISAAC, the purpose of the blog is to further the vision and mission of the organization: • ISAAC’s vision is that AAC […]

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