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“If you didn’t call me ‘dear’, ‘honey’, or other terms of endearment before my disease, don’t change the way you talk with me now unless we have recently developed a more intimate relationship.” – Guidelines for Communication Partners © 2013 The AAC Program at Boston Children’s Hospital recently posted on Facebook, “We are very fortunate at […]


British physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking has lived for nearly 50 years with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a degenerative motor-neuron disease. Professor Hawking’s life story has recently been celebrated in print and on film. My Brief History, published by Bantam Books in the US and Bantam Press in the UK, traces Hawking’s life story, from his childhood […]


“Silence is full of music” • Marcel Marceau   Gabrielle Giffords, former member of the US House of Representatives, lost the ability to talk when she was shot in January 2011. The head wound she sustained during the attempt on her life caused severe damage to the speech centre in her left brain. Her progress has been […]


A wiki is a collaboration tool: an online writing and editing platform where members of a community contribute multimedia and text-based information. Wikis can be used to share knowledge and ideas on a particular theme, build and engage communities, and brainstorm and refine concepts with colleagues throughout the world.* The best-known wiki is an online […]

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