Honey, Don’t Call Me “Dear”!


“If you didn’t call me ‘dear’, ‘honey’, or other terms of endearment before
my disease, don’t change the way you talk with me now unless we have
recently developed a more intimate relationship.”
Guidelines for Communication Partners © 2013

The AAC Program at Boston Children’s Hospital recently posted on Facebook,

“We are very fortunate at Boston Children’s Hospital Augmentative Communication Program to have so many patients who collaborate with us on guiding best practices. Several patients who are losing the ability to speak have provided suggestions for communication partners. Please open the web link to view!”

BCH’s Guidelines for Communication Partners makes good sense – and not just for people with complex communication needs, not only in a clinical setting. For instance, most seniors would likely endorse this tip sheet wholeheartedly!

Don’t you love it that these helpful tips are dispensed with a healthy dose of humour?

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