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This post is an excerpt from The ISAAC Communicator, March 2019 edition, “Message from the ISAAC President” by Meredith Allan In Geelong, a city about an hour from my home city of Melbourne, a group of parents and support people meet every four weeks to discuss their children’s needs and the AAC strategies they use. […]


Twitter was launched in 2006 but really began to gain popularity around 2012. Here’s a cool infographic timeline for Twitter, “From Egg to IPO.” Early Twitter adopters saw exciting potential in this new way of communicating in 140 characters or less. Doubters saw it as part of a growing threat to internet privacy posed by […]


Blissymbolics is an ideographic symbol system created by utopian visionary Charles K. Bliss (1897-1985). Shirley McNaughton, one of ISAAC’s founders, first began using Blissymbols as an AAC method in 1971 at Canada’s leading centre for children with disabilities, now known as Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Even those who have known about Blissymbolics for many […]


Irisbond’s mission is “to socialize technology and open up new ways to interact with our devices by using our eyes,” according Eduardo Jauregui, the company’s co-founder and CEO, as quoted in the February 2016 issue of Forbes magazine. Irisbond’s eye-tracking application is combined with software that makes computer surfing easier. This enables people who have little […]


– From the video, “ISAAC Pre-conference Preview: AAC Practitioners in the 21st Century!” by Chris Bugaj Carole Zangari and Chris Bugaj will present an ISAAC 2016 Pre-conference Workshop in Toronto on August 6th, titled “AAC Practitioners in the 21st Century: Leveraging Our Efforts through Social Media and Digital Technologies.” Carole Zangari is the founder of […]


Guest post by Jane Farrall, Consultant   Sam is a teenager. He has lots of teenage attitude and a great sense of humour. He also has Down syndrome and, like many other teens, he loves being cool. In 2011 when I first met Sam at Willans Hill School he was an emergent reader and writer. […]


Guest post by Sally Clendon, PhD This is my third year of facilitating whole-school professional development projects in New Zealand schools. The focus of these projects has been on implementing a comprehensive approach to literacy for all students. It has been a very exciting and challenging journey that has stretched us daily in terms of […]


“Silence is full of music” • Marcel Marceau   Gabrielle Giffords, former member of the US House of Representatives, lost the ability to talk when she was shot in January 2011. The head wound she sustained during the attempt on her life caused severe damage to the speech centre in her left brain. Her progress has been […]


“Not Another Peep Out of You” is Harriet McBryde Johnson’s compelling account of being rushed to a hospital emergency room with severe abdominal pain. Harriet had a neuromuscular disease that meant she had to be lifted in a certain way in order to protect her fragile joints and spine. She was immediately intubated in preparation for emergency […]

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