“Our Words are Worth Waiting For”


This post is an excerpt from The ISAAC Communicator, March 2019 edition, “Message from the ISAAC President” by Meredith Allan

Meredith Allan. ISAAC President.

In Geelong, a city about an hour from my home city of Melbourne, a group of parents and support people meet every four weeks to discuss their children’s needs and the AAC strategies they use.

Here is a list they came up with at the end of last year:

  • Visual/object/association/preparing the environment
  • Model
  • Expect a response
  • Prepare
  • Waiting
  • Verbal prompt
  • Respond
  • Give them device
  • Interpret – clarify
  • Feedback
  • Open-ended questions
  • Communication Partners

The group did well. This list could almost be used for a lifetime.

How often as we grow older does a communication partner ask a question but doesn’t wait for a response, or answers for you? 

Our words are worth waiting for.


Meredith Allan lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has used a text-to-speech communication device for 25 years. Read more about Meredith in the April 2019 edition of Link magazine (click through to page 38 from the Table of Contents).  

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