What’s a Wiki?


A wiki is a collaboration tool: an online writing and editing platform where members of a community contribute multimedia and text-based information. Wikis can be used to share knowledge and ideas on a particular theme, build and engage communities, and brainstorm and refine concepts with colleagues throughout the world.* The best-known wiki is an online encyclopedia called Wikipedia. What many don’t realize is that anyone can start a wiki with a group of  individuals willing to work together to create an interactive and evolving digital resource in an area of mutual interest.

SpedApps2 is a great example from the AAC world. A tremendous amount of information on communication and language iPad/iPod apps has been organized online, with contributions by a  group of experts, including Deanna Wagner and Caroline Musselwhite. Take a look at the contributors’ bios here; it’s clear that a wealth of AAC knowledge and experience can be amassed effectively using a wiki platform.

If you were to start a wiki, what theme would you choose? Let us know if you do, or send examples of other interesting wikis you’ve found, to blog(at)isaac-online.org.

Photo by Andjam79, Creative Commons license

Photo by Andjam79, Creative Commons license

Fact:  The name “Wiki” was inspired by the Hawaiian word wiki or wiki-wiki, which means “quick”. It’s used for everything from convenience stores to taxi cabs. WikiWikiWeb, the very first wiki, still exists. Source

*Definition by U of T School of Continuing Studies, SCS 2875.




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