AAC and Intimacy


Guest post by Lisa Lehmann, Consultant

  Wow! I just set a countdown for the Pre-conference Workshop I am presenting at ISAAC 2014 in Lisbon. At the time of writing, it’s exactly 3 months and 1 day until we discuss “AAC and Intimacy.” If you are considering attending this half-day workshop, I want to share a little bit of detail about what is in store for you. The workshop will be participant driven, as much as you want, and will include some fun activities – well I do hope you find them fun – as we explore a variety of areas linked to intimacy. What exactly is intimacy? We will be answering this question, and defining a variety of intimate situations, from the “friendship” type, to age appropriate, and “touch” intimacy.

Taking into account different levels of needs and ability, we will look at how intimacy can be used to assist people who use AAC to express their needs and desires, and how everyone can achieve intimacy.  This workshop will be suitable for professionals, family and friends, and people who use AAC themselves.

I hope to see you in Lisbon, and look forward to exploring intimacy with you! I will also be attending the main conference, so I will be available for follow-up conversations throughout the (almost) week-long event.

Lisa Lehmann is a consultant based in Australia. Her ISAAC 2014 Pre-conference Workshop, “AAC and Intimacy,” will take place on Sunday, July 20th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Register online, here.




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