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This post is an excerpt from The ISAAC Communicator, March 2019 edition, “Message from the ISAAC President” by Meredith Allan In Geelong, a city about an hour from my home city of Melbourne, a group of parents and support people meet every four weeks to discuss their children’s needs and the AAC strategies they use. […]


Every year during the month of October, ISAAC engages people around the world to shine a light on the stories of people who use AAC. The 2018 theme of AAC Awareness Month is “Dare to Lead” and in that spirit we’ve reached out to Beth Moulam (UK) to find out her perspective on “What leadership means […]


Billy Megargel is a non-verbal young man with autism. He is also an accomplished artist, a budding musician, and a self-fulfilled adult. Learning to Kiss is Billy’s remarkable story, beautifully written by his mother, Eve. According to Eve, “When Billy was diagnosed at age two, we were told by the experts – doctors, special education […]


Celebration, it surrounds us Every nation, all around us… – from “Wavin’ Flag,” K’Naan, Official Anthem Version   The ISAAC flag was commissioned more than 20 years ago and has been presented to each conference chair or co-chairs over the years: a tangible symbol of the ISAAC conference legacy changing hands every two years. For ISAAC, it’s […]


Guest Post by Diane Nelson Bryen and Juan Bornman “The World Health Organization estimates that 10% of the world’s population, which means approximately 450 million adults and 200 million children, experience some form of disability. Individuals with disability are three to four times more likely to experience violence against them than their nondisabled peers. Individuals […]


“If you didn’t call me ‘dear’, ‘honey’, or other terms of endearment before my disease, don’t change the way you talk with me now unless we have recently developed a more intimate relationship.” – Guidelines for Communication Partners © 2013 The AAC Program at Boston Children’s Hospital recently posted on Facebook, “We are very fortunate at […]


Welcome to ISAAC’s Blog, a brand-new addition to our website. With the launch of this blog we are adding another dimension to the way ISAAC communicates with the world. As with every initiative at ISAAC, the purpose of the blog is to further the vision and mission of the organization: • ISAAC’s vision is that AAC […]

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