Publishing in Augmentative and Alternative Communication


Publishing in Augmentative and Alternative Communication

December 4, 2023



Presented by: Rose A. Sevcik, Ph.D., MaryAnn Romski, Ph.D., Melody Harris and Jackie Brown


About the presenters: 

Drs. Rose Sevcik and MaryAnn Romski are both Regents Professors at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia and the current Co-Editors of the journal Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

Melody Harris is the Taylor & Francis Portfolio Manager for the journal.

Jackie Brown is the Editorial Assistant for the AAC Journal.


Webinar description: 

The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of the publication process in AAC and address questions related to the process. Topics include: why publish in AAC, authorship, the AAC Submission process, the review process, as well as current issues and priorities for AAC.


Participants will learn: 

  1. about the process of publishing in AAC
  2. about specifics of manuscript submission and review and
  3. current issues and priorities for the journal


Time ordered agenda:

5 minutes: The journal

10 minutes: Authorship

5 minutes: Manuscript submission

15 minutes: The review process

5 minutes: Current issues and priorities



  • Drs. Sevcik and Romski receive a yearly honorarium from ISAAC.
  • Ms. Brown receives a salary for her support of the journal from ISAAC.
  • Ms. Harris receives a salary from the published Taylor & Francis.


  • Drs. Sevcik and Romski are members of ISAAC.


Presentation slides