Tools and Tips to Support Communication

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 Tobii Dynavox

Monday, June 29th, 2020 

Amanda Hobar, M.S. CCC-SLP and Ashlyn Hudson, MOT, MEd

Amanda Hobar & Ashlyn Hudson

Moderator: Rachel Santiago, M.S., CCC-SLP

Seminar Description: Join us as we showcase specific tools supporting communication about the COVID-19 virus and the unique circumstances involved. Resources presented will include supporting a communicator with COVID-19, supporting communication at home, as well as tools for virtual therapy and instruction. We will demonstrate how these resources can be used in hospitals, home, education and therapy settings.

Seminar Objectives: Participants will learn: (a) where to locate and how to utilize free low tech communication boards in variety of languages; (b) where to locate and how to utilize free supports for education and communication in the home; and, (c) how to implement therapy resources for teletherapy practice.

ASHA Disclosures: Financial – Amanda Hobar and Ashlyn Hudson are full-time employees of Tobii Dynavox. Amanda Hobar and Ashlyn Hudson have no non-financial relationships to disclose.

ISAAC International Disclosure: ISAAC International is pleased to present this sponsored webinar in partnership with our friends at Tobii Dynavox, and with the support of our friends at USSAAC.

**PLEASE NOTE: ASHA CEUs will not be available for this webinar. **