Short Film Festival

ISAAC Connect’s film festival theme is Connecting Through Visual Storytelling! The deadline for submitting your film is June 25, 2021

For this film festival, people who use AAC are encouraged to create their own movies. Different film styles may be used, such as vlogging, documentary, or other formats. Films may also be a combination of different styles in collaboration with others, but an AAC user must be the lead filmmaker. 

Film is a very accessible tool for sharing stories, with particular advantages in combining words and images. Sharing stories is an important part of making contact, and connecting people! 

To help people who use AAC with visual storytelling, Studio Cam on Wheels from the Netherlands offers their services through a series of free, online workshops – one in April and two in June – to initiate an ongoing project with ISAAC. Building à crew of reporters who use AAC to create a YouTube channel communicating their perspective of the world. For more information about the project and Studio Cam on Wheels, see the ISAAC Cam on Wheels project page.

Studio Cam on Wheels can assist in audio-visual education, offering practical tips to make filmmaking accessible. The Cam on Wheels crew can assist in the whole production process, from initial concept or idea – through filming – to editing. Cam on Wheels is a film production house where film students with and without a disability support each other in making films to a professional standard.



Terms and Conditions

Entry to the ISAAC 2021 Short Film Festival is free and open to ISAAC and non-ISAAC members.

Film Production Requirements 

  1. Film entries (videos) are to be a maximum 5 minutes duration, including credits. Any films longer than 5 minutes will not be considered. 
  2. Films must be in MP4 or quicktime (.mov) file format. 
  3. If the film is made in another language, it must have English subtitles. 
  4.  Information about how to make your short film is available at the link above and on the Cam on Wheels website (

Preparing for Submission

  1. All films submitted to the competition must have signed consent from all participants, giving permission for the film to be viewed on the ISAAC website and through ISAAC social media. 
  2. Corporate logos must not be visible on clothing or at filming locations. 
  3. Permission from the intellectual property (IP) holder must be obtained and submitted for all non-original material incorporated into submissions as applicable, including licensed music.  
  4. If original music is used, this must be stated in the notes accompanying the film. 
  5. Entrants are solely responsible for ensuring that all necessary copyright and other relevant rights and authorizations for their films have been obtained prior to submitting their entry.  

Film Submission

  1. The entry form (linked above) must be correctly completed by the closing date of Monday, June 25, 2021.  
  2. A confirmation email will be sent with instructions on how to upload your film.
  3. Upload your film following the instructions provided, within two working days.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent when your uploaded film is received. 
  5. It is the responsibility of entrants to inform ISAAC of any changes to contact details. 

Films after Submission

  1. All films entered in the competition will be held by ISAAC and may be included on the ISAAC website. Films will be uploaded to ISAAC’s YouTube channel and available through the ISAAC website, subject to YouTube’s intellectual property and licensing requirements. 
  2.  Links to the films will be promoted via ISAAC social media channels. 


  1. The top ten films selected will be the finalists. Finalists will be notified by July 15th, 2021. 
  2. Finalists will have their films screened at the ISAAC 2021 Short Film Festival at the ISAAC Connect virtual event.
  3. Unlike other festivals there were no winners declared, to ensure that viewers focus on how each filmmaker uses their film to tell a story.