Conference Registration

Online registration for Conference 2018 is open! We are pleased to offer reduced conference registration rates to ISAAC members.

* Inclusive rate no longer available. Social Event is now sold out. 

* AAC Camp is now full and registrations have closed.


To register for Conference 2018, click here


Please note the following regarding registration and rates:

  1. and 2. All amounts are stated, and will be charged, in Canadian dollars ($CAD), and are subject to Australian GST (Goods & Services Tax) as applicable at 10%, which is not included in the above pricing.

3. Conference Registration (excluding Conference Daily Registration) includes attendance at Welcome Reception.

4. Costs for Pre-Conference Workshops are for: one (1) Half Day, one (1) Full Day, or Both Days (two full days). Each “Full Day” registration includes one (1) lunch and two (2) coffee breaks per day.  “Both Days” registrations include attendance for both days of Pre-Conference workshops, including both lunches and all coffee breaks.  Half-Day Pre-Conference registration includes one (1) coffee/tea break only.  Pre-Conference Workshop registrations are on a “first-come, first-served” basis, and are subject to maximum attendance limitations at the sole discretion of ISAAC International.

5. AAC Camp attendees who are under the age of 18 must at all times be accompanied by one or both parent(s) or legal guardian(s). Camp activities will require the provision of a signed waiver(s) by the participant (18 and older) / parent(s) or legal guardian(s) (under 18) as a precondition for participation.

6. PWUAAC conference registration rate is eligible to people who use AAC and their families, and includes admission for up to one (1) attendant, as required. Separate food tickets for attendants at all conference events will be available for purchase, as will additional attendant conference registrations.

7. Additional lunches can be purchased for $50 each, per person.

8. Closing Date represents final date that purchase will be available at the stated price.

9. G:link Rail / Bus Travel pass is an electronic fare card (one rider = one fare card) which can be used for unlimited system travel for the number of days specified during the ISAAC Conference, beginning July 21st 2018 through July 26th, 2018 (inclusive). General information about the fully accessible G:link system can be found on their website at  Specific accessibility information relating to the G:link system can be found on their website here.

10. Inclusive price (excepting Daily Registration) is for the full four (4) days of the Main Conference including one (1) lunch each day, per person PLUS one (1) fully paid registration at the Social Event (subject to availability) AND one (1) 6-day G:Link Rail pass. Daily Registration rate is for one (1) day only of the Main Conference, including one (1) lunch for that day only.