Topic:  Shared Secrets and Strategies for Independent Access and AAC Competence with Children

Karen Kangas, Speaker, ISAAC Connect  Karen Kangas, Occupational Therapist; Seating, Positioning, and Mobility Specialist; Assistive Technology Specialist; Adjunct University Faculty; Clinical Educator; Consultant


Topic:  Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to Support Participation

  Access Panel, ISAAC Connect

Top row (l to r): Beata Batorowicz, Sidney Givigi, Yosra Kazemi, Ingenuity Labs at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada

Bottom row (l to r): Paulina Finak, Queen’s University; Edênia da Cunha Menezes, New York University; and Rosana Givigi, Federal University of Sergipe-Brasil / President, ISAAC-Brazil