Call for Papers Draw Prize

Terms and Conditions

The first twenty (20) fully completed paper proposal submissions for Conference 2018 will be eligible to receive a 50% discounted registration rate for Conference 2018.

The following are the specific terms and conditions:

  1. The draw prize is a single 50% reduced registration rate for ISAAC Conference 2018, at the Early Bird “MEMBER” registration rate (main conference only, not including any pre-conference workshops, meal, or “all-inclusive” options).
  2. The first twenty (20) fully completed paper proposal submissions uploaded into the ISAAC Conference 2018 paper submission system will be entered into the draw for selection.
  3. The draw will be conducted by ISAAC International staff once twenty (20) fully completed proposals have been entered into the online paper proposal system. The submissions to be included in the draw will be based upon their computer time stamps from the online system.
  4. The results of the draw are final.
  5. Only one 50% reduced registration rate prize is available, and will be awarded to the proposal designated “Contact Author.”
  6. The winning author will be required to register for Conference 2018 prior to the conclusion of the Early Bird Registration period, and at the full main conference rate. Once their paid registration is confirmed, their payment credit card will be refunded with the 50% reduced registration amount as described above in point 1.