Conference Accessibility Information

Where am I and Where am I going?

The conference will be in the hotel side and in the conference side (north side) of the building. You can go outside and cross the street to get between each side. There is a walkway on the second floor between the 2 buildings. But the walkway between the hotel and conference centre has limited accessibility (only one small elevator).

It might be faster to take the outside route between the buildings to avoid the small elevator on the skywalk.

Blender Bar is in the Frontenac Ballroom Foyer (Exhibit Hall). It will be open August 8 – 11 during the conference hours for those who wish to have their foods blended (for example, if you purchase food at the WaterPark Place food court you can take it back to the venue to be blended).  Volunteers will be available at the Blender Bar to assist you.

Vitamix logo

Vitamix is the proud sponsor of the ISAAC Conference 2016 Blender Bar

Respite Room is in the Richmond room (first floor conference side). This room will be set up as a place to relax and rest and get out of your wheelchair. More details to come.

Internet Café is in the Bay room (first floor conference side).

Charging Stations for your devices are in the Bay room (first floor conference side).

Presentations given by PWUAAC are primarily in the Yonge room (first floor conference side).

Poster Presentations are in the Queen’s Quay (first floor conference side).

Opening and Closing Ceremonies are in the Metropolitan Ballroom on the conference side on the second floor – Take elevators – go early – the elevators are small.

Town Hall meeting is in the Metropolitan Ballroom West. It is on the conference side on the second floor – take elevators – go early – the elevators are small. For more information, visit the Town Hall page.

Silent Auction is in the Frontenac Ballroom with the Exhibitors on the stage at the back (first floor conference side).

ISAAC Booth is in the Frontenac Ballroom with the Exhibitors at the back (first floor conference side).

Washrooms are both on the first and second floor of the conference side. Here are some accessibility notes:

  • One of each gender on each level.
  • Automatic door openers (push-type) into washrooms.
  • There is one large accessible stall at end of washroom hallway.
  • Hallways are spacious with minimal 90 degree turns needed to get to accessible stall.
  • Vanity has open space underneath for wheelchair access, but same height as rest of counter (i.e., a bit too high for someone in a chair).

Tricky Accessible Tips

  • It might be faster to take the outside route between the buildings to avoid the small elevator on the skywalk.
  • Accessible hotel entrance in on the west side of the hotel – main entrance of the hotel is not accessible.
  • Accessible entrance to the conference side is on the east side.
  • Know your hotel room number and which tower you are in – there are 2 towers and they look similar.

Tips for using the elevator

  • Plan ahead.
  • Locate them ahead of time.
  • There will be a volunteer in a blue coloured shirt stationed at the elevators.


  • Can help you find your way if you are lost.
  • Will be posted at tricky accessibility spots in the conference centre and hotel.
  • Will be wearing a blue coloured shirt.

Your hotel room at the Westin Harbour Castle

  • Check your room when you arrive to make sure it suits your needs.
  • The Westin Hotel can help accommodate by moving furniture if necessary.
  • If you have asked for any special equipment with your registration it will be in your room when you arrive. If not please inquire with hotel staff.
  • If you have booked a hotel other than the Westin make sure your hotel has your special request info – ISAAC will not be able to share any requests made with hotels other than the Westin.


  • The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is becoming increasingly accessible for people with disabilities. Accessible vehicles are identified by the International Symbol of Access and by the blue lights on either side of the destination sign on the front of buses. Designated waiting areas around the Westin Harbour Castle will be marked during the conference for both mainstream transit as well as wheelchair accessible TTC vehicles (Wheel-Trans).
  • A smooth journey begins before you leave home. Use one or more of these TTC sources to plan your trip: online trip planner, customer service or customer information lines, or route schedules and maps – all available on the TTC website.
  • As with all TTC vehicles, priority seating areas are located near all doors. These areas, identified by blue seats, are for people with disabilities, the elderly, and pregnant women.
  • Wheel-Trans bus operators have been informed of ISAAC 2016, and will assist patrons to and from the busses at the bus stops located near the conference. TTC ambassadors will assist with way finding.
  • For more information about Wheel-Trans, visit, and for more information about the Toronto Transit Commission, visit
  • Any customers who are registered with other paratransit agencies in Ontario will be provided with a visitor registration number upon request. You can contact Wheel Trans customer service at 416-393-4111 or to have this arranged in advance.
  • The TTC will also give individuals attending the ISAAC Conference from abroad, temporary access to Wheel-Trans Services for up to two weeks. To arrange this you can contact Wheel-Trans customer service at 416-393-4111 or prior to arriving in Toronto.

Community Accessibility

The City of Toronto has had the opportunity to become more accessible over the last few months preparing for the ISAAC conference.

Neighbouring businesses have been offered temporary ramps from the StopGap Foundation to ensure you can get into their buildings –

Communication Disabilities Access Canada has addressed communication accessibility with a number of neighbouring businesses and organizations. They will display this communication access symbol to let you know that they are communication friendly.


Social Evening

Getting to the Steam Whistle Social Evening on Tuesday night:

  • This venue is a 1 km walk from the conference centre.
  • We have mapped out an accessible route and will have volunteers in blue shirts to direct you there. You will have to find your own way back.
  • Alternative transportation can be arranged if needed. Please be sure to indicate this need as a special request in your registration by June 1st.

Look for Toronto’s accessible downtown PATH

Also note, the waterfront has an accessible walkway along the lake.

Additional Attendant Care

  • You will have your own attendant with you for the conference.
  • In an effort to be more accessible ISAAC has arranged some limited additional attendant care for specific needs that might arise in which you require extra help (for example, attendant is on a break and an urgent need arises).
  • You can request some extra help (subject to availability of attendants) by going to the ISAAC booth and placing a request for a task and a time. The attendant coordinator will organize requests and let you know what is possible.

Lunch Options

  • Westin Hotel Restaurant.
  • WaterPark Place beside the conference centre is open until 6 p.m. on weekdays. There are food courts on the second floor – take the elevators and turn to the right – and a long ramp on the right that leads to the bathrooms.  See RBC WaterPark Place Gift Card Offer.
  • Tim Horton’s Cafe is located (beside the Conference Centre) on the north side of the street and has an accessible side entrance with a power door.

 Communication Displays

  • Alphabet boards and bilingual boards will be available at the ISAAC booth.