Please note the following sessions, which were withdrawn after the printing of the Conference 2016 Program:

Program Book Changes (By Date, Time, Room — Aug 8 2016) (PDF, 300 kB)

Program Book Changes (By Submission ID number — Aug 8 2016) (PDF, 300 kB)


The ISAAC Conference 2016 Program is now available online by clicking here:

For an overview of the Conference Schedule, please follow the link below:

Click on the following links for schedules organized by presenter, date/time/room location and topic. Pre-conference Workshops, AAC Camps, ISAAC Governance Meetings, Scientific Paper Presentations, Posters, and the Research Symposium are also noted on the date/time/room schedule:

Schedule at a Glance by Author Name (PDF, 883 kB)
Schedule at a Glance by Date/Time/Room (PDF, 738 kB)
Schedule at a Glance by Submission ID (PDF, 625 kB)