Presenter FAQ

What session formats are available?

There are a variety of session formats – presentations (30 min, 1 hour, 2 hour) and posters.

Presentations are scheduled in various rooms and are often grouped together in one time slot (i.e., a two hour time slot may have 2-4 presentations scheduled back-to-back).  If your presentation is scheduled with others you will need to make note of your actual presentation time.  There will be room moderators to help keep presenters on time and ensure a smooth transition between presentations.  It is recommended that all presenters in a time slot set-up their presentations immediately before the time slot (i.e., during break, during lunch, etc.).

Poster sessions take the form of an exhibit and are delivered primarily through the use of narrative text, graphs, diagrams, and pictures on bulletin boards.  Presenters must arrange for their own display materials according to the guidelines at  Presenters are expected to put their poster up for review the time block prior to what they are scheduled for (i.e., posters scheduled for 11:00 should be put up at 8:30 and posters scheduled for 16:00 should be put up at 14:00). Presenters are required to be present at their poster during the 90 min scheduled time block to informally discuss their posters with conference participants by making brief remarks, sharing information, and answering questions about the poster topic.

How many conference participants will attend my session?

How many participants attend any particular session depends largely on the interest in that particular session, the presenter’s name recognition, and how many and what other sessions are available at the same time slot.  Presentation rooms vary in size.

Pier 2 and 3 – maximum 100 people

Pier 4 and 5 – maximum 150 people

Pier 7, 8, and 9 – maximum 50-75 people

Harbour A, B, and C – maximum 200 people

Metro West, Metro Centre, Metro East – maximum 500 people

Yonge – maximum 40 people

Poster session traffic will vary since participants are free to move from one presentation to another or attend presentation sessions.

Do I need to register for the conference?

Yes.  Once a proposal has been accepted, all presenters are required to register and pay the conference registration fee.  Neither honoraria nor expenses are paid to presenters at the main conference.

What equipment is provided for my session?

Presentations – laptop, presentation screen, LCD projector, wireless lavaliere microphone, speaker, internet connection, access to your conference dropbox

Posters – presentation boards, access to electricity if you arranged for an audio-visual poster

I am a presenter bringing my own laptop to the conference.  Is there anything I need to do to be able to use it?

Presenters are responsible for ensuring that presenter-provided equipment connects and functions with the equipment provided by conference organizers. Presenters assume full responsibility for the technical requirements of custom setups, as well as the security and operation of their own equipment.

Before arriving, presenters should ensure that their laptops have updated virus detection software and the latest software patches installed. If you are arriving to OSAAC Conference 2016 from outside North America, you will need to ensure that your device has the proper plug and electrical adapters (Type A or Type B) to use the North American electrical grid standard.

Will handouts be prepared for sessions at the conference?

Handouts will not be prepared nor provided by the conference organizers. Presenters are welcome to bring their own handouts for distribution or share the already-provided Dropbox hyperlink to their submission folder at the beginning and end of their presentation for attendees to download their own copies. Alternatively, as of August 5, 2016, ISAAC will make the hyperlinks to each submission’s DropBox folder publicly available (via the conference website). Presenters wishing to have their materials available at the Conference 2016 venue through our local area network must upload their materials into their submission’s DropBox folder no later than 17:00 ET on August 1st, 2016. At 17:00 ET on August 5th, 2016, the hyperlinks to all submission DropBox folders will be made public (via the ISAAC website). Presenters will have between August 2nd and August 5th to remove any materials that they do not want to make publicly available, but still have available to them on the conference venue local area network.

  • To view or print the Presenter FAQ list in PDF format, click here (PDF, 216 kB)