Accessibility in Cancún


Transport, tours, equipment and other services

Cancun Accesible

We are pleased to offer you the services of ISAAC Conference Cancun sponsor Cancun Accesible.

If you are travelling to Cancun and have accessibility requirements, Cancun Accesible can assist. Cancun Accesible offers a range of services including transport, tours, equipment and other special services.

Please visit the Cancun Accesible website at to learn more and to book services.

Important notes:

  • Public transportation in Cancún is not accessible so it is very important to reserve your transportation services at least 24 hours in advance of any transfer or activity.
  • When contacting Cancun Accesible, be sure to tell them that you are attending ISAAC Conference Cancun.


Accessible Beaches

Visit the Somosability website to learn about accessible beaches in Cancún.


Communication Access

For detailed information and resources for Communication Access, please visit our webpage at

You’ll find information and/or guidance on: