Call for Papers Conference Cancún


Theme:  Communication Beyond Borders / Comunicación Sin Fronteras


The Call for Papers was a great success and is now closed. 

We received nearly 400 paper submissions for Conference Cancún.
Acceptance notifications will be sent no later than February 28, 2023.



ISAAC Conference Cancún Abstract Submission Guidelines

Guía para la presentación de ponencias



The conference theme for ISAAC Conference Cancún is “Communication Beyond Borders / Comunicación Sin Fronteras”. The theme challenges the AAC community to think beyond local contexts and to embrace broader global practices. The conference strives to move the field toward more culturally and linguistically responsive approaches, evidence-based practices and will support the launch of a Spanish Speaking Chapter of ISAAC. The conference will embrace and promote multiculturalism, multilingualism, equitable service provision and the communication rights of all individuals locally and globally. “Communication Beyond Borders / Comunicación Sin Fronteras” will provide people who use AAC (PWUAAC), practitioners, researchers, families, and AAC manufacturers with multiple forums for engagement, interaction and collaboration, while recognizing the uniqueness, strengths and challenges of diverse local contexts.

The conference committee is mindful of ISAAC’s efforts to build AAC professional capacity specifically in countries where Spanish is spoken, as well as countries that are traditionally underserved. To that end, we will:

  • ensure that conference co-chair leadership is representative of the Spanish-speaking world, including professionals from México and ISAAC’s US Chapter USSAAC.
  • encourage PWUAAC, researchers, professionals, and manufacturers globally to take an active part in developing, expanding and refining our evidence base and ensuring a more rapid translation of research into practice and practice into research.
  • keep developing best practices and quality services for individuals who use AAC by staying informed about practice innovations and advances and by collecting the evidence needed to support both traditional and new assessment and intervention approaches; and
  • foster partnerships and connections among and across communities, locally, nationally and internationally.


Scientific Program Call for Papers FAQ / Preguntas frecuentes de la Convocatoria de Ponencias del  Programa Científico 


Q. I am an author who has submitted a paper for presentation at Conference 2020 which was accepted. Will I still be able to present at the conference in 2023?

P. Soy un autor que entregó una presentación para ponencia para el Congreso Cancún que fue aceptada. ¿Todavía podré presentar en el Congreso 2023?

A. Anyone who wishes to present at Conference Cancún will need to submit a paper proposal in our online system, regardless of whether the same paper was accepted for the postponed 2020 conference.  This is in recognition of the significant and unavoidable time delay in presenting Conference  Cancún.

R. Cualquier persona que desee presentar en la Conferencia de Cancún deberá enviar una propuesta de trabajo en nuestro sistema en línea, independientemente de si el mismo trabajo fue aceptado para la conferencia pospuesta de 2020.  Esto es en reconocimiento del significativo e inevitable retraso en la presentación de la Conferencia de Cancún.

Q. What if, for some reason, I need to withdraw my accepted paper from the scientific program. Can I do that?

P. ¿Qué pasa, si por alguna razón, ya no puedo presentar mi ponencia aceptada, puedo removerla del programa científico?

A. If you want to remove your paper from the original Call, then do not resubmit for the new Call, since we are requiring everyone to resubmit an updated proposal. If you have any questions, email to

R. Si desea remover su ponencia del programa original, simplemente no aplique con esa ponencia en la nueva convocatoria, debido a que estamos pidiendo a todos los ponentes aceptados que envíen nuevamente su propuesta actualizada. Si tiene alguna pregunta, puede mandar un email a

Q. What if I want to submit an entirely new paper for inclusion in the scientific program for ISAAC Conference Cancún 2023? Will there be an opportunity to do so?

P: ¿Qué pasa si deseo aplicar una ponencia totalmente nueva para que sea incluida en el programa científico del Congreso ISAAC Cancún 2023? ¿Habrá oportunidad de hacerlo?

A. Yes! ISAAC has launched a new Call for Papers:  Any author(s) who wish to submit a paper proposal (regardless of whether you already have an accepted presentation in the program), are free to do so.

R. ¡Sí! ISAAC ha lanzado una nueva Convocatoria de ponencias: Cualquier autor(es) que desee aplicar una ponencia (independientemente de que ya haya sido aceptado o no en el programa anterior) puede hacerlo con toda libertad. 

Click here for the FAQ in PDF format in English and/y en español