Conference Cancún Videos


ISAAC International is pleased to offer a select number of Conference Cancún session video recordings for purchase.

The videos are being offered in groups. Individual videos can be purchased for $10 USD or you can purchase all six videos in the same group for $40 USD. Once you’ve purchased a video(s) you will have access for four weeks.

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Group 1 Videos (discontinued)


  • Lightning Pitch
  • Mental Health and Complex Communication Needs: Let’s Talk About It!
  • Tips for Getting Started with Bilingual AAC
  • Challenges and Opportunities for AAC in Schools: Analyzing Experiences from Multiple Countries
  • Imagining Alternative Futures for AAC Together: What Interactions Do We Want With Each Other?
  • What’s the Cue? Aided Language Stimulation for Autonomous, Self-Initiated, Generative Communication
  • Conference Cancún 6 Video Bundle Group 1


Group 2 Videos


  • Accessing the World: AAC Users don’t have to be left behind through Intelligent Digital Assistants
  • Global Utilization of Free Communication Tools for COVID-19: Resource Sharing for Emergency Response and Preparedness
  • Effects of AAC interventions on speech production in individuals with Autism: Systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Coaching and Empowering Parents, Guardians and Support People in AAC Through a Group Program
  • Building Our Friendship with AAC
  • AAC²=All Ages Communicate with AAC
  • Conference Cancún 6 Video Bundle Group 2


Group 3 Videos

  • The Development of an Intelligent Tutoring System for Learning about Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • The Cultural Collaborative: An Initiative to Support Culturally Relevant AAC Interventions
  • Text Entry Rates Across Users of AAC for Two Services
  • Collaboratively Preparing Special Educators and Speech Language Pathologists to Enhance AAC Implementation in Schools
  • Reading Instruction in Languages with Transparent and Deep Orthographies: Is Something Missing?
  • Time in Communicative Interactions of Children who Use Different Access to Language
  • Conference Cancún 6 Video Bundle Group 3


Group 4 Videos

In recognition of March as Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, all of these presentations relate to cerebral palsy or developmental disabilities.

  • Assessment of language comprehension in children with complex communication needs: “International dissemination of the C-BiLLT?”
  • Therapy group as resource in the conquest of communication partners
  • AAC Assessment and Intervention for Adults with Developmental Disabilities: Results of a Systematic Review
  • Effects of Speech Output on Communication Outcomes for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
  • Beyond Devices: AAC Systems for Complex Communicators
  • Beyond Borders of Smart Home Technology: Suggestions of Use from the Experts and Installation
  • Conference Cancún 6 Video Bundle Group 4