Research Discussion Panel

Duration: 120 or 180 minutes

The purpose of Research Discussion Panels is to create a platform for academic discussion and debate around conceptual areas of interest in AAC research and practice. Panels should lead to deeper understandings and give impetus for new questions, ideas and directions in AAC research.

Research Discussion Panels are not aimed only at emerging or established researchers, but rather at anyone who is interested in a more in-depth engagement and theoretical discussion around a particular AAC research topic.

Research Discussion Panels will offer a forum to discuss in depth the state of the science and future needs of a specific topic. The panel will include a discussion moderator and 3-4 speakers. The moderator will be in charge of recruiting the speakers and organizing the discussion. Each speaker will describe the current and most pressing research questions in his or her area of work, as well as needs/questions for future research. The moderator will be in charge of keeping time, engaging the audience, and closing the discussion panel with a brief 10-minute summary and conclusion.

For further information about Research Discussion Panels and abstract requirements, please see the ISAAC Conference Cancún 2023 Abstract Submission Guidelines.